Cordouan is a highlight of tourism and heritage in the Médoc, hence the importance of saving it.
The Association distributes and organises the visiting rights of the four transport companies.

It is also responsible for the representatives at the Museum which is situated at the foot of the Grave lighthouse. Finally, the Association carries out numerous tasks to ensure the monument is presented in the best possible light through different restoration and management works at the lighthouse, such as :

• Creation of Museum of Cordouan lighthouse and lighthouses and beacons in general at the foot of the Grave lighthouse
• Refurbishing of the King’s lieutenant’s room
• Participation in the repair of the lightning conductor
• Replacement of the tidal door and the frame of the main door
• Refurbishment of the doors and windows of the lower part
• Purchase of an electric generator
• Soundproofing of the chapel, it’s embellishment, provision of chairs for worshippers
• Installation of a handrail on the staircase
• Trial of trilingual voice points for visit commentaries